Party n Play n Pay

Queen Arena Rome and Black Mamba designed this PARTY n PLAY n PAY clip for the jerk off addict who comes in from a night of partying with the intention of edging til the sun comes up.  You will best be served by listening to this clip with headphones and the volume turned all the way up.  Insert your butt plug beforehand and have a big dildo to suck at your side.  These two start out hot right out of the gate as they start dancing and stripping and rubbing all over each other to an original 120 bpm EDM song.  They go straight for the jugular calling you out for craving big fat cocks and huge loads.  Your heart is racing and your prostate is swollen, you can actually feel your heartbeat in your asshole as it clinches on your butt plug.  They can read your mind, you want to be at a glory hole right now, you want to post an ad for all night blow and go's.  You will be both humiliated as well as encouraged as they laugh with you and at you.  Instructions for an interactive experience will occasionally flash across the bottom of your screen and you are to follow them to the letter in order to gain the maximum party n play n pay experience.  Yes you will make tributes along the way, it will increase your heartrate and improve your focus.  At strategic moments there will be a picture in a picture clip in the upper right hand corner of Queen Arena Rome and one of her favorite cocks that she likes to cuck her husband with.  Towards the end of the clip there will be full screen footage of her sucking that superior cock and really wide spread eagle shots of her pristine pink pussy.  It is understood that your mouth will be watering for his cock and you will wish you were there to fluff him but whatever you do, don't miss out on the opportunity to fantasize about eating creampies from the Queen's pussy.  This is what she wants for you.  This clip is very mesmerizing, be forewarned that you are being programmed to be a cocksucker and there will be no turning back.  If it is NOT your intention to have your desire towards cock permanently imprinted in your being then you may want to shy away from this clip and just purchase a different one.  You will never be the same.  Just trust the Queen and let go.  Again, this clip was specifically and expertly designed to seamlessly allow you to watch over and over and over for hours on end as you edge focusing on your desire to be a 24/7 cock and cum slut, and if you give in to cumming it is perfect for starting right back over.  Enjoy!