Cocksucker Therapy

Mr. Kubrick's wife is fixing to leave him and has tried every type of counseling and therapy session he could think of until it donned on him that Queen Arena Rome does QAR Quotient Sexual Adjustments.  He made an appointment and here is his story.  His wife thinks he's gay (not that there is anything wrong with that he admits) and wants to leave him because of it.  She does not appreciate all the cuckold & femdom websites that he visits along with the charges he continues to make on webcam and phone sex sites but that is not what has her on the verge of leaving.  She has seen him parked outside of adult video shops notorious for glory holes as well as cruising parks.  She has snooped around and read his history on his phone to see that he often frequents men seeking men forums and bulletin boards primarily featuring cock pics.  He admits all these things to the Queen pretty easily and early on during their session.  When she starts probing into his bisexual past with neighbors and former sports coaches is when things take and really big turn.  He notices that Queen is starting to get turned on hearing how he's been taken advantage of in his past as evidenced by her hard nipples and seemingly big rise underneath her dress.  As time passes there is no question that QAR's cock is getting super hard and after a while starts stroking it.  What happens next should have cum as no surprise to Mr. Kubrick and neither should it to you.  When the Queen's cock gets hard, her subjects kneel at the throne whether they like it or not.

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