VR Stretching Holes

This is a VR360 video that can be viewed in a Virtual Reality player on your computer such as GoPro VR Player or in a Virtual Reality headset.

I'm in your head, it feels like a dream, it sounds like a dream, of course I always look like a dream to you but this is really happening.  I have you in a downward but facing me.  I'm stroking my training cock in front you and we begin.  I give you an assessment for your progress in all of your hole stretching thus far.  You want to stretch for me, you are willing, you want to be a star, the star of my hen house. You are my favorite kind of anal slut trainee, still a little too hairy for me, still a little too much testosterone in your voice and walk, BUT yeah BUT your holes are so tight and I can see how uncomfortable it makes you when you wince, grimace, whine and grunt.  I love seeing your mouth stretch to the point of your lips turning purple to white and the tears well up in your eyes.  This does my heart so good.  Better yet is when I make you spread your legs real wide, you know, giving you a chance to make me proud.  You almost spread wide of enough for the Queen's cock but my God man that tremble has got to go.  More and more we train, in and out, up and down, stretchy stretchy to make Queen happy.

Category: PEGGING