She Squats he blows

Queen Arena Rome loves to air out her great big cock whenever she squats.  She loves the feeling the fight and tug between inertia and gravity as the weight of her meaty cock head bounces up and down.  On this day she has called one of her slaves to come over and act as human furniture.  In this case, he serves as a workout mat.  Now if there is one thing that Queen Arena will not tolerate is allowing a man to just lie around, so she has slave boi count all of her reps so she can't just concentrate on her form and the weight of her cock.  She takes breaks here and there to sip on water but to mostly force her slave to suck all the sweat off of her cock.  This particular slave boi despises giving head in general but always loves it when Queen graces him with the opportunity to blow her.  As time goes on and she starts sweating, she pulls her top off and frees her big fat tan lined milf tits, but slave boi is not allowed to look.

Up and down over and over Queen Arena squats, up and down over and over her thick cock bounces, over and over up and down her slave bobs his head on her superior cock.

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