Arena and Mamba Ass Smother the Man

Black Mamba and Queen Arena Rome are putting together a real estate investment group.  Black Mamba approached a well known private investor to check his interest.  Typical of a lot of these fat tycoons, he doesn't take Black Mamba seriously and insists on making gross sexual overtures towards her.  Unlike many weak women that cower in the face of this disgusting misogyny our heroine Black Mamba has a devious plan.  This guy thinks himself "The Man" and will never see it coming.

Mr. Kubrick arrives at the offices of Black Mamba and Queen Arena Rome believing he is going to have a threesome.  Mamba introduces him to Arena and within minutes he is already acting like a filthy pig.  These types cannot help themselves.  Our two Goddesses use his own lust against him to lure him into their vengeful plot.  As they place a hood on him and throw him to the ground he thinks he's going into some type of Fifty Shades of Grey scenario, little does he know.  The ladies proceed to strip and writhe around grinding and making the loudest fucking sounds as this filthy fat ass can only imagine what his eyes are missing.  Soon his nose and his whole face is cracking and being busted by these Goddess asses.  That is only the start as Queen Arena Rome and Black Mamba intended to constrict the breath and ass smother "The Man".  He will not believe what he awakens to and neither will you.